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Skala Designs Fir and Plywood Outdoor Room (2011) Bears Striking Similarity to True Mid-Century Design

I was both surprised and excited when I recently stumbled across a piece from Western Homes & Living Magazine dated May 1956: “Fir Plywood Screens Let you Live Outdoors”.

In the summer of 2011, Skala Design completed a fir, plywood and acrylic panel outdoor screen at our very own “East Van Special”. Much thought about creating an outdoor room went into this design. We loved the warm tones that were created by pairing the fir and plywood together, and similarly how the wood and coloured panels evoked a mid-century modern aesthetic. Little did we know how close we were in 2011 to achieving the timeless look we were striving for. The striking similarity between our outdoor room and the designs featured in this article were uncanny.

This truly timeless approach to screen walls is shown below, both in 1956 and 2011.


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